the detailed examination or collection of data prior to analysis or interpretation

Observation is a fundamental component of hypothesis testing and the scientific method.
In making observations, we collect data. With the compilation and organization of that data,
we create information. Examining information holistically creates knowledge.
Knowledge mixed with experience creates wisdom.

Wisdom allows us to predict outcomes.

Prediction of outcomes allows us to select approaches and solutions with confidence.

Welcome to GEO Morphix

A sound scientific approach supported by observation results in defensible answers and solutions. Yet it has been our experience that clear communication with the client, the project team and other stakeholders, including permitting agencies, is as important as the science. Issues can be averted or readily resolved when methodologies and processes are understood and agreed upon from the outset.
Geo Morphix works efficiently with other disciplines to provide the insights and information that our clients, the project team and other stakeholders need. A multidisciplinary team led by experience and expertise in each field and engaged in open communication assures positive outcomes and successful projects.


We are professional earth scientists specializing in geomorphology and process sedimentology. We focus on river and shoreline restoration, erosion hazard delineation and mitigation, and projects that require an in-depth understanding of erosion, sedimentation and sediment transport.

Our team of industry leaders provides observation-rich answers based on a balanced application of quality science and years of experience to achieve practical, implementable and acceptable solutions for all stakeholders. A successful project is one that meets or exceeds our client’s objectives.

Restoring our Rivers and Shorelines

Rivers and shorelines are dynamic systems that are the product of driving and resisting forces modified by biological processes.


Watercourse and Coastal Hazard Delineation

Hazard land delineation is an integral component of protecting natural heritage features.


Geomorphological Characterization of Rivers and Shorelines

Characterization of the current state of health and stability of rivers and shorelines is the first step in effectively protecting and managing these environments.


Modelling Dynamic Landforms

In addition to field-based assessments, Geo Morphix uses commercial and in-house models to address hydraulic and morphological questions.