Our Focus

We are professional earth scientists specializing in geomorphology and process sedimentology. We focus on river and shoreline restoration, erosion hazard delineation and mitigation, and projects that require an in-depth understanding of erosion, sedimentation and sediment transport.

Our team of industry leaders provides observation-rich answers based on a balanced application of quality science and years of experience to achieve practical, implementable and acceptable solutions for all stakeholders. A successful project is one that meets or exceeds our client’s objectives.

  • Geomorphology. Earth Science. Observation.

  • Watersheds. Rivers. Coasts.

  • Sedimentary Processes. Hydraulics. Morphology.

  • Measurement. Modeling. Prediction.

  • Characterization. Protection. Restoration.

Outreach and Training

GEO Morphix provides formal and informal training to Government Agencies, Municipalities, and the Private Sector. This training is offered independently, or through our Academic partners and other outreach organizations. We provide tailored programs on a range of topics including: fluvial and coastal geomorphology, sediment transport assessment (measurement and modelling), landscape dynamics, watershed and shoreline assessment, river and shoreline restoration, natural channel design, and erosion and sediment control. Popular among our clients have been short and focused sessions such as Lunch ‘n’ Learns, one-day workshops, or tailored field excursions.

If you have an interest in a particular topic, please contact our office and we will be happy to outline flexible training options to address your needs.