Our Focus

We are professional earth scientists specializing in geomorphology and process sedimentology. We focus on river and shoreline restoration, erosion hazard delineation and mitigation, and projects that require an in-depth understanding of erosion, sedimentation and sediment transport.

Our team of industry leaders provides observation-rich answers based on a balanced application of quality science and years of experience to achieve practical, implementable and acceptable solutions for all stakeholders. A successful project is one that meets or exceeds our client’s objectives.

  • Geomorphology. Earth Science. Observation.

  • Watersheds. Rivers. Coasts.

  • Sedimentary Processes. Hydraulics. Morphology.

  • Measurement. Modeling. Prediction.

  • Characterization. Protection. Restoration.

Sediment Transport, Hydrometric and Water Quality Monitoring

With our considerable experience in monitoring sediment transport, hydrometric parameters and water quality, GEO Morphix offers expert analysis and interpretation to provide actionable conclusions and recommendations. We have experience in a wide range of monitoring activities in both natural and constructed environments including:

  • Completing hydrometric measurements in coastal, estuarine, lake, and river environments
  • Completing wave analysis and sediment dynamics estimates in estuarine and along shorelines
  • Sediment loading behind dams and within wetlands

We employ a range of instruments:

  • Acoustic Doppler velocimeters
  • Acoustic Doppler profilers
  • Bathymetric survey equipment
  • Drones for aerial photography and ortho-photography-based topographic surveys
  • Storm water samplers
  • Multi-parameter water quality sensors

GEO Morphix also offers telemetry-based water quality monitoring, including plans for rapid response to potential construction-related water quality issues.